Have you ever washed a spoon? It’s a very simple task right? Yet most of us have sprayed ourselves with water, more than once, while washing a spoon.

The view of water falling from the tap onto the concave side of a spoon, always comes with getting splashed on. On the other hand, when the water strikes the convex bulging side of the spoon — the bottom face, we can see the water smoothly running down in a beautiful laminar flow — spreading out from the point of impact definitely, but not so much as to spray us.

So, once…

We spend nearly 45% of each day, doing nothing but thinking. That equals almost 11 hours. That is a lot of time spent not doing things. But don’t get me wrong, we absolutely need this amount of time — to think, to process all the information that comes raining down on us every single day.

Hence, it is justified that we utilise time to think, to plan, to figure out stuff. That said, if we Are spending 10 to 11 hours in thought, it is somewhat imperative that we think correctly.

And this is where, we need to take into…

We all know what a vernier calliper or a screw gauge looks like. And if you’ve ever used them, you would have observed that a screw gauge tends to give more precise readings, than a vernier calliper.

But that’s not all.

If suppose a vernier calliper and a screw gauge were specially designed such that both of them were equally precise, we would still note a difference in their readings. But we know that the measurements from both are equally precise — then where does the difference creep in from?

You see, for measurements, just precision is not enough, there’s…

In the late 1970’s, people had huge radios in their homes, they rarely used speakers, recording functionalities were limited to dedicated high-end studios, and headphones weren’t a thing yet. If you were to travel back in time to this period, and show them your smartphone that can do all this and more, you would appear to be a god-sent angel.

The concept of having portable music playing in your ears while you’re walking down the streets or taking a bus to work, was unimaginable.

The mistake was that, back then people wanted all the functionalities we have in our smartphones…

A leaf on a tree, is beautiful — whether you have ever thought about it or not. It has the unique beautiful form because it belongs to a certain tree, where it fulfils a certain function.

This unique form that the leaf has — its structure — is determined by the veins and capillaries which carry the sap. The leaf is beautiful, not because it is stylish, but because it is perfectly natural — it has been created in its exact form, by its exact function.

This beauty is what an ideal designer should try to create in his work…

Everyone says that being a kid was so much better — not a care in the world, not a responsibility to fulfil, barely an expectation to live up to. Of course they were the golden days — our parents and guardians would take care of our daily planning, they would set the priorities of all work that needed to be done, and let’s be frank there wasn’t even nearly as much work, as we have on our plates today, right?

Everything was laid out — we had breakfast time, time to go to school, time to do homework, bath time…

No one likes getting old, but it is inevitable. The concept of death is a bit grim of course, but not when you bring in relativity.

Imagine this — there’s a sign, far off in the future, with a number on it. And that number represents the age your death. Every year that you live, you advance closer to the sign — because the sign is stationary. So when you reach the sign, theoretically you die. But that’s boring.

Let’s assume, that a rabbit is holding up the sign, and like you, it is also walking into the future.


Let’s say your office or your university, needs a campus information desk. Of course, there are hundreds of templates of how a help-desk of this kind could look like. And you could use any of these templates for the new campus information desk.

There is a problem with this however.

You see, when you realised that your campus needs an information desk, it means that problems were arising due to the lack of such a desk. The first and most important task here, is to identify those problems. …

If prisoners want an early release from jail, provided that they accept to abide by certain terms and conditions, they have to apply for parole. These parole board hearings are overseen by judges, and the outcome is of course binary — either the prisoner is granted parole and released, or their request is denied, and they’re sent back to jail.

Now in Israel, over 1100 parole board hearings were conducted by 8 judges over a 10 month period. Each judge would have to take up to 35 parole requests a day — and it was exhausting. The judges were given…

You may not have heard of Quasi the Robot. But Quasi, is an excellent example of robotics combined with artificial intelligence. It was an animatronic character that people, especially children would interact with — and they were delighted with the quite long and fun interactions they had with Quasi. However, there was more to it.

In addition to robotics and AI, there was the essential ingredient —

Human teleoperation.

As believable and engaging as Quasi’s interactions were, it was a human actor controlling the robot using a GPI or Guided Performance Interface. So, while the children saw the robot responding…

Rounak Bose

3 parts designer, 1 part tech-geek, 2 parts writer, 1 part truth-seeker, 2 parts space enthusiast and 1 part realist. Too many parts? Naah! 😎

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