October 13, 2020. Apple announced their new lineup of the iPhone. Everyone had their sights set on what the latest and greatest offerings from Apple would be. Every year, Apple generally releases two variants of the same iPhone number — like iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Then iPhone 8, 8 plus, and X. Then came iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. Then last year, arrived iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

Apple released iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Many…

Suppose you want a new wooden cabinet for your home. So you hire a carpenter. You provide all the wood and nails and glue and panes of glass that would be required for the cabinet construction. You show your preliminary design to the carpenter, and they understand what you’re going for.

Before starting work though, you of course ask what the cost of this entire project might be. Since you’ve provided the raw materials, the only cost would be the labour charge for the carpenter. And he quotes 300 dollars. Now, you know that a cabinet of such size and…

Think about what you do in a day of work — what your primary profession is. Now, listen to these items I’m about to say, carefully, and see if you are one of the these. …

Have you ever moved from one city to another city? It could be for college, or it could be for work. Have you ever changed your career? By this, I do not mean changing from say an Android developer to a Flutter developer. I mean, something like changing from being a developer to a designer.

That is quite a stretch, but yes, if you’ve ever thought of any of these issues, or something like this, you would have…

In April 2017, in Cupertino, California, employees started pouring in, into “the Spaceship”. I’m of course, not talking about an actual unidentified flying object — but rather the culmination of Norman Foster’s incredible architectural design, and Steve Jobs’ vision — that led to the creation of Apple Park. The huge circular groundscraper is spread out over 175 acres.

And it all looks…

Feedback and critique are perhaps the pillars of any piece of valuable work. It goes without saying that without receiving feedback, not only would a person not be able to look at work from another person’s point of view, but they would almost certainly not be able to realise true potentials for improvement.

Personally, the science of proper critiquing and the art of giving and receiving effective feedback is a practice that I’m very passionate about. There’s been an episode before where you learnt the finer details of design-centred critique.

In 1960, John Kennedy and Richard Nixon fought it out in the first Presidential debate. Now, if you’ve seen debates, and you see one till the end, you would probably have a correct guess about the winner of the debate. It may not be the candidate you were supporting throughout the competition but then. the way the debate concludes, should be enough for any outsider to understand who the probable winner is.

Back in the day, the only available vacuum cleaners used bags to hold the dust. A man called James Dyson was vacuuming his home, when he observed that his vacuum cleaner would constantly be running out of suction power. The reason this happened was because the dust was clogging up the pores in the bag. So the airflow was being obstructed.

And this was happening regularly. He was getting frustrated with the inefficient solution. And so, he decided to solve this problem. Since he was experiencing it first-hand, it gave him much more impetus to build a better contraption.

To design is to empathise, to design is to solve problems, to design is to make lives better. You probably know this already. I’d personally like to add another aspect to this — to design is to help others design well. I strongly believe in this, which is exactly why I’m writing this article in the first place.

This piece is designed to make sure that you and others just like you, can take one of the better routes to becoming a better designer. The route in context here, is the one so graciously put forward by the Interaction Design…

Let’s play a game. Suppose we have a 4-point crossing in the middle of a town, where the roads from North, South, East and West meet. Now, one day at exactly 12 noon, four cars arrive at the crossing from the 4 directions.

  • The first car is that of the Mayor of the town, heading to a lunch party thrown by the Mayor of the next town.
  • The second car is an ambulance — carrying a patient in a critical condition.
  • The third car is a police patrol vehicle, doing the rounds.
  • And the fourth car is an Uber roaming…

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3 parts designer, 1 part tech-geek, 2 parts writer, 1 part truth-seeker, 2 parts space enthusiast and 1 part realist. Too many parts? Naah! 😎

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